Rihanna was absent from the BET awards last night. And that’s cause she chose to spend a low-key evening with her father instead. Rih-Riha has been tweeting regularly about the World Cup in Brazil – showed her support for the Mexico football team as she enjoyed dinner at Santa Monica’s Giorgio Baldi’s restaurant. The 26-year-old stood out in her bright green jacket after greeting her dad, Ronald Fenty, affectionaty with a hug.

4 rihanna and ronald fenty

3 rihanna and ronald fenty

Rihanna and her father have had a difficult relationship in the past, and she previously spoke out to say that he was now drug free, adding:

‘It’s fair to say I had a few humps and bumps along the way while growing up. But I think every child growing up goes through some sort of upheaval and perhaps mine was a bit worse. At the end of the day, I don’t think about it any more and it doesn’t make me angry.’

rihanna and ronald fenty

2 rihanna and ronald fenty

5 rihanna and ronald fenty

6 rihanna and ronald fenty