Looks like Da Brat better spend her money wisely this Holiday season because she has yet to run the ex-cheerleader her money from an incident that went down back in 2007, where Da Brat was found liable for hitting her in the face with a bottle at a nightclub, and now she owes her an extra $1 million for the hold up! Keep your bottles in your hands #Roommates!

According to The Blast, Da Brat was hit with lawsuit by former NFL cheerleader Shayla Stevens over a 2007 incident where Da Brat hit in the face with a rum bottle! Stevens claimed the bottle caused significant damage to her face, mental pain, scarring, and neurological damage.

Da Brat was hit with the lawsuit while she was serving a three sentence for the incident… talk about petty!

A jury found the rapper responsible and awarded Stevens $6.4 million. The Brat has yet to pay Stevens so the interest on the judgement total went up an extra $1,306,301.37, bringing the total now owed by the rapper to $7,806,736.37.

The woman recently filed legal docs in the state of California to begin the process of getting her coins!

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