Chicago’s own Da Brat has been a free woman for a few years now but she is being sued for supposedly cracking a bottle of rum over a former Atlanta Falcons cheerleader’s head.


Da Brat, real name Shawntae Harris, was scheduled to have her day in court against the defendant–and she did just that today until one of the jurors was found in contempt for repeatedly lying about their American citizenship.

According to reports, one of the jurors was a legal citizen of Atlanta but he was not a U.S. citizen.

 One of the jurors is a legal resident of Atlanta but NOT a U.S.citizen.  But the dude lied to the judge and swore under oath 3 TIMES he was a full-fledged American. (TMZ)

The judge was furious when he found out about the juror giving false information about himself and he sent him straight to jail.

 The judge was LIVID … berating the juror as he declared a mistrial and then holding him in contempt and then ordering him hauled off to the slammer. (TMZ)

Check out the footage below:

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