Are you a fan of the Chicago Cubs? Do you have no qualms about spending a grotesque amount of money for something that usually ends up in the garbage? Then do we have an offer for you.

As noted by ESPN’s Darren Rovell, the Chicago Cubs are now selling leaves of Wrigley Field ivy from last year’s historic World Series season. The price: $200 per leaf, plus $15 shipping, which seems pricey for a nearly weightless object. Limit 10 per customer, because there are only so many authenticated dead leaves to go around.

The Wrigley ivy usually is discarded when it turns red and falls to the ground in autumn, Rovell says, but someone with the Cubs hit on the uniquely American idea that it would make for an excellent collectible. So the team collected 2,106 leaves and put them up for sale to its premier clients and season ticket holders.

Attempts to reach someone with the Cubs to talk about the ivy sale — namely, how many leaves have been sold — were unsuccessful.

Selling infield dirt and the like from a championship team’s stadium has been a collectibles-market ploy for years now, but Chicago teams in particular seem to go all-out. After the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup in 2013, the team sold vials of melted United Center ice for $99.

If $200 per leaf is too much to ask, the Cubs also are selling discs of Wrigley Field dirt for $39.99. Here’s a pen filled with Wrigley dirt for $26.99 (on sale!). How about a watch made out of “actual stadium seat wood from Wrigley Field” ($200)?

Or you could buy this Cubs Zippo ($24.99) and set fire to your money. Either way.