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Rihanna is getting everybody ready for summer with her new V Magazine cover and spread. Check it inside, plus her brand new interlude “James Joint.” And we’ve got super model Joan Smalls’ new LUCKY magazine spread…

Well, Hello summer! In a brightly colored, 90’s inspired pictorial for V Magazine, RiRI is giving us Lil Kim “Crush On You” vibes as she poses it up topless, in Versace bikini thongs, and in velour sweatsuits topped with platinum wiggery.

Chick knows how to work a themed out photoshoot. Check out her story over at V mag.

Meanwhile, a day after her 4/20 festivities (her girl Jenn Rosales’ Hawaiian wedding and a full day of smoking, we’re sure), Rihanna released a new interlude off her upcoming album. Hawaii is almost half a day behind the east coast, so she could have posted it right on time.

She said, “In celebration of 420, here’s an interlude from my 8th studio album that I call James Joint. — Rihanna.” She’s streaming it on, and you can also check it out below:

Check out “James Joint (Interlude)” below:

In other magazine spreads:

Fab model Joan Smalls is covering popular shopping magazine LUCKY. The Puerto Rican beauty is a perfect dime, but she didn’t think of herself as that growing up. In her LUCKY story, she explains what it was like watching Christie Brinkley, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and the likes on “E! True Hollywood Story”:

“I’d just watch the show and be glued to the screen,” says Smalls. “I couldn’t even imagine—these were women who got to travel the world. It just seemed so alluring.” She also recognized a bit of herself in their images. “I was so awkward-looking—tall, super skinny, gangly. The boys at school made fun of me,” she says. “But I’d see those girls on TV and I’d think, Oh, they have my same body type.”

Check out the rest of the spread:

Check out the full story over at LUCKY.

Photos: Miguel Reveriego/V Magazine

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