Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J are currently in a messy custody battle over their daughter Bonnie Bella, and the court is asking them to reveal the child’s location.

TMZ reports the judge in the case appointed a guardian to protect their 10-month-old daughter, however she can’t find her! According to legal docs, the guardian believes Stevie and Joseline are hiding Bonnie Bella. She claims she demanded the parents drop off Bonnie at a specific location, but it was a no-show.

We reached out to Stevie J and he denies being involved. “I want to be able to see her that’s all,” he told us.

The guardian is reportedly worried about Bonnie Bella’s safety. Her suspicion is she may be in Miami with Joseline.

#Roommates, we’ll keep you posted as more details in the case are revealed.

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