Jevon ‘Vawn’ Sims of the show New Atlanta has been quite honest and open on his views of being faithful… He has folks ranting about his choice of delivery and how he’s living!

Jevon Sims

Seems to me that Vawn is scarred and he admitted on Bethenny Frankels couch why:

“I keep bouncing dating from one woman to the next woman to the next woman not trying to commit because when I commit I give everything that I have,” Vawn said. “I was in love I gave everything that I had from the deepest pathos of my body. I committed and I gave everything that I could and I walked into my house coming from LA and she was in the bed having sex with her ex-boyfriend.”

Vawn revealed on the show that he’d rather be honest with a woman about how many sex partners he has instead of lying. He feels it’s not cheating when you come clean.

Peep his take on it:

Gumbumpers how do you feel about Vawn’s opinion….??

Vawn believes men have to be in a certain place to truly commit.

“Until you are in the right season in your heart to want to be able to give everything to that union, you’re gonna have jebs and flows its the see-saw of love,” Vawn said. “But you got to be willing to fight for it, I was willing to fight. Now, I’m not just gonna do it.”

Although, Vawn dates multiple women at once, he insists he’s not a player.

“A dog is someone who is like a player who tells a woman that he wants something that he don’t want and only going after his physical need, to get what he wants to get,” he said. “It’s not about physical get past that point…Whatever you want to do figure out your GPS, the guided personal system that’s tailor made for you.”

Vawn believes males have to grow into men.

“We’re all born males and we have to grow into men and until we grown into that man and to be able to run from temptation, everybody can have that opinion of saying that choice that I cheated,” he said. “It doesn’t matter if he works a blue collar job, doesn’t matter if he is at Fridays [the restaurant] or if he an athlete or have a lot of money.”

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