Animals housed at The Animal Welfare League in Chicago Ridge are in danger, one woman says.

Shannon Gaglione, a former volunteer, provided NBC 5 with video of a caged, quarantined dog barely able to breathe.

“It is infested with mice, rats, cockroaches, we’d have to stomp on the floor for the mice to scatter,” she said. “The mice would defecate in the dog’s food–it’s horrifying.”

Pictures show deplorable conditions and mice droppings surrounding animal cages.

“The dogs would be left in their own feces and urine,” Gaglione said.

Shelter director Linda Estrada invited NBC 5 cameras inside the shelter where the cages looked clean.

“We’re not perfect,” she said. “Nobody is and we do the best we can. No animal is inhumanely treated, we love animals.”

Estrada says she’s not making the dogs sick, they’re arriving that way and wants to find peace with those who are planning a protest at the shelter Saturday.

“I’m willing to hear what they’d do better,” she said. “The bad publicity is hurting the animals to get good homes.”


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