This season on RHOA we were all looking forward to seeing how Sheree Whitfield’s home, “Chateau Sheree,” turned out. Especially when she and her cast mate Kenya Moore ended up in a battle about their homes.

According to Straight From The A, Sheree is reportedly having a little financial issue, and contractors are recommending that she sell her home to pay off her debts.

“Chateau Sheree” is reportedly still unlivable and contractors who worked on the home are allegedly still waiting to be paid, one has even considered garnishing her wages.

Sheree reportedly has been hit with multiple lawsuits for not paying for her services. Master Craft Stucco of Buford is one company that won a judgment against Sheree’s shell corporation.

The company was reportedly awarded $26,586.41, plus $1,981.50 in interest and court costs.

In a recent interview, the attorney for Master Craft Stucco revealed that they attempted to garnish Sheree’s wages, but her home is reportedly not under her name so they “haven’t been able to find bank accounts to garnish.”

Other alleged expenses Sheree owes includes $10,012.50 to Heritage Landscape Group of Flowery Branch for an alleged unpaid bill for landscaping work that was performed to help her pass the inspection for the certificate of occupancy for the property.

She allegedly also owes money to a contractor who sued her back in 2015, as well as owed money to the IRS.

Reportedly, the liens on the home total to about $348,404.48.



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