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We are proud to announce the confirmation of Attorney General Loretta Lynch…and it’s about time! More on this historic appointment inside….

History was made today when Loretta Lynch was confirmed as attorney general by a vote of 56-43. She is the first black woman in American history to hold the country’s top law enforcement post.

AG Loretta Lynch, a federal prosecutor from New York, will officially begin her new gig after the departure of AG Eric Holder in November.

AG Lynch’s road to DC has been long and tedious (far longer than any other confirmation candidate in history) thanks to partisan bickering that continued up until today. The shade was real. And we all know why.

In the video below, the Senate members are warned that expressions of approval or disapproval are not allowed; however, the floor CHEERS her confirmation! Even if you don’t agree with the POTUS on his policies, you can’t deny the resume and qualifications of AG Loretta Lynch.

President Obama released a statement on the confirmation saying,

Today, the Senate finally confirmed Loretta Lynch to be America’s next Attorney General – and America will be better off for it. Loretta has spent her life fighting for the fair and equal justice that is the foundation of our democracy. As head of the Justice Department, she will oversee a vast portfolio of cases, including counterterrorism and voting rights; public corruption and white-collar crime; judicial recommendations and policy reviews – all of which matter to the lives of every American, and shape the story of our country. She will bring to bear her experience as a tough, independent, and well-respected prosecutor on key, bipartisan priorities like criminal justice reform. And she will build on our progress in combatting newer threats like cybercrime. Loretta’s confirmation ensures that we are better positioned to keep our communities safe, keep our nation secure, and ensure that every American experiences justice under the law.

In his own statement , AG Holder said he was pleased the Senate recognized “her clear qualifications.”

“I have known and worked closely with Loretta for many years, and I know that she will continue the vital work that this Administration has set in motion and leave her own innovative mark on the Department in which we have both been privileged to serve. I am confident that Loretta will be an outstanding Attorney General, a dedicated guardian of the Constitution, and a devoted champion of all those whom the law protects and empowers.”

Watch the confirmation here:

The qualifications:

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