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On Rico Love’s remix for “Somebody Else”, R&B crooner Usher and rapper Wiz Khalifa both deliver verses about their exes and their very public breakups. Listen to the track inside…

Now that we suspect Amber Rose has moved on with rapper Machine Gun Kelly (see that post here), it looks like her ex-husband Wiz Khalifa is missing her. As they always do….

On Rico Love’s, “Somebody Else “ remix featuring Usher, Wiz Khalifa drops a few bars that hint at his lingering feelings for his ex-wife/video vixen.

“Thought I had it, all the magic I couldn’t imagine/Then it all went tragic, automatically, I’m the bad one

Gave you everything, a kid and a house, and a wedding ring/And now you talking ‘bout you can do better things.”

He also admits that he misses their time together when he’s the ONIFC,

“That empty seat girl you used to be with me on the plane/An empty whole in my heart, will I ever love again?”

On the flip side, Usher’s reflections on his ex-Tameka Raymond are a bit different. Usher has already moved on (he’s engaged to Grace Miguel) and in his verse, he’s hoping Tameka can “find somebody else….because he’s tired of dealing with the drama.” Adding, “She’s all about the commotion, I swear she got a heart of stone.”

Hmm….two very different perspectives on public breakups.

Listen to “Somebody Else” (Remix) below:

Photos via Wiz Khalifa’s Instagram/Rico Live Instagram

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