Well of course it’s not uncommon to see a vending machine in schools. However, vending machines in schools usually dispense sodas, snacks, and etc.  When some 22 high schools in Philadelphia will be welcoming students back in the new year with brand new condom dispensers.


The dispensers will be installed inside nurses’ offices to make condoms more readily available to teenage students. The condoms will be free to the students unless their parents signed a form for them to opt out of the program. In that case, their teenagers will not have access to the condoms.

The pilot program is funded by the city’s health program because Philadelphia has the highest known rates of sexually transmitted diseases. Twelve schools already offer condoms in health resource centers.

Dispensers installed inside the nurses offices over the holiday break will make condoms more widely available.

So do you feel the schools are overstepping their bounds and infringing on parents rights, and would you support this in your child’s HS?



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