There’s no doubt James Comey’s Senate hearing was must-watch television on Thursday, but chances are the hours-long session would have been way more entertaining with Stephen Colbert there.

And just to prove that point, “The Late Show” provided audiences with a sneak peek of the host in action Thursday night.

“Let’s get this party started!” Colbert said as he danced, snapped his fingers and ate popcorn, pretending to be a questioner at the Intelligence Committee hearing. He then proceeded down a long line of questions for the fired FBI director regarding Donald Trump’s presidential campaign’s ties to the Kremlin ― ones Comey clearly couldn’t have answered in an open setting.

“How about I ask a question in a different way?” Colbert said. “Let’s say you had an orange cat ― really fat and lies a lot. Would the cat enjoy drinking vodka?”

Watch the whole clip in the video above.


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