Coco was chit chatting on the Twitter and was asked by one of her followers what the secret was to having a big ass….

no secret but a mix of heavy weights,lunges & squats.I’m gonna do a fitness DVD

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  1. @Keepin it 100.. i agree, no type of exercise will make you have a voluptous butt like that.. genectics will but exercise will only l tone and firm and i have said that all along, but some fools say.. oh you hatin""""" GTFOH!! in the black community big butts like that are a dime a dozen!! Aint nobody hatin… im sick of that word anywho!!

  2. No type of exercise can give you a voluptuous/bigger ass. Exercise can shape and firm it, but won’t make it bigger so she need to cut the BS with her trifling ass.

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