#Roommates, more than 47,000 pounds of cocaine was seized off the coast of the eastern Pacific Ocean!

According to #TheSandiegoTribune, the cocaine was seized between late November and early January. As of now it will be turned over to federal agents and used to investigate drug traffickers before being destroyed.

US Attorney #AdamBraverman gave an official statement abut the huge bust saying: “To those drug-trafficking cartels that are shipping their narcotics on the high seas, you and your cocaine are on our radar.” He continued saying: “Our message here today is stop shipping your narcotics to our nation or we will seize it and bring you to justice here in San Diego.”

#Roommates, it’s say to say someone is in troubleeeeee!

Source: http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/news/public-safety/sd-me-cocaine-seizure-20180125-story.html

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