Beyonce’s daddy slash EX-manager Mathew Knowles had a reality show that aired first internationally. Now they have brought the new show to MTV. The music executive, who counts himself responsible for the success of girl group Destiny’s Child and says he’s taken “them from the back yard to the top of the world,” has decided to put another group together!

With the cameras rolling, Mathew has decided to film the entire process for his new reality show, “Breaking From Above.”

The show is sure to bring lots of drama, as the girls go through gruesome training just to land a spot in the group.

If you haven’t seen it, tune in…. He worked the hell outta these girls. Joe Jackson who??

The way that Mathew talks to these girls is O-MAZING, I am wondering if this is how he treated Destiny’s Child. If so, I can truly understand why all the other girls went running.

Though I’m not saying he shouldn’t put them to work and challenge them because, you do have to get your grind on to be the BEST but, c’mon…. He’s a true a-holer on this show!

Peep the promo and tell me what you think gumbumpers……

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