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Everything you thought you knew about Gilbert Arenas “off the court” was a lie…so he says. In a new online posting, he shuts down all the lies spread by four-time baby momma Laura Govan. The most shocking reveal is that her $1 Million “engagement” ring was FAKE! More inside…

Did Gilbert Arenas really abandon Laura Govan while she was pregnant? Were Laura and her kids ever homeless or lacking money? Did he steal Laura’s $1 Million engagement ring? The answers to these questions and more were revealed on social media (why not?) in an online posting by the man himself.

Now….this relationship is messy. They make up, they break up and usually there’s a baby or two or three or four along the way. They’ve done everything EXCEPT get married. #noheatnojudgment. Read our review/recap of their relationship, restraining orders, unfortunate miscarriage and eventual split here.

This brings us to Gilbert finally speaking up for himself. In one swoop, he’s cleared up about four years worth of rumors, and it makes Laura Govan look a little wacky. He says he never left the family broke or homeless and he says he never gave Laura a “real” $1 Million ring. He gave her a copy. We’re actually baffled that she didn’t get the ring appraised herself. If he is, in fact, telling the truth.

Here’s where he said in his own words…

Sorry Laura….it just didn’t work. Nuff said.

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