Damn, Claudia Jordan didn’t hold no punches when she bumped gums with Sister 2 Sister Magazine discussing Phaedra Parks and her now jailed husband Apollo Nida.


claudia jordan phaedra

Phaedra’s BFF, Kandi Burruss once said that Claudia has a ‘slick mouth!‘ Now we see how this slick mouth operates…lol

Claudia bumped gums on Phaedra saying:

“Women are natural detectives by nature. If your husband doesn’t have a job and all of a sudden he’s bringing in millions of dollars, you mean to tell me you don’t see a red flag when he has this in his past?” she argued. “You know what your man is doing when he lives under your roof, especially when you met him when he was on parole.”

Claudia said Phaedra had an advantage in addition to her female intuition. “You’re a lawyer; that is your job to be up on game. I do not believe this for one second. That is my opinion,” she said. “I think that is complete BS.”

Few would deny that Phaedra’s denials have been convincing, but Claudia credited that to the southern belle’s talent as an actress.

“Phaedra is an amazing actress. I highly recommend that after she’s done working in a mortuary, a lawyer, a this, a that, she should really get into acting. I think she has an amazing career in the movies,” said Claudia who wouldn’t mind taking some lessons from her “Real Housewives of Atlanta” co-star. “Phaedra, I salute you.”

Damn… what’s your take Gumbumpers?

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  1. On the real side tho women are detectives , my wife caught me every time I slipped up, found stashes in walls in shit, family mapped me on ATT to see exactly where I was at and all that good shit……..LMAO hahahahah

    Women are very smart and advance and I love it and then I hate it

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