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NFL star Victor Cruz is serving up a handsome dose of eyecandy in his brand new Givenchy Fall/Winter 2015 campaign. Peep the hot shots and get your laugh on with Tracee Ellis Ross in her first #selfieinterview inside….

Football meets fashion!

New York Giants wide receiver is no stranger on the football field and he’s now becoming a familiar face in the fashion world.

Known to pop up front row ready at numerous high-end fashion runway shows, the NFLer has become the new face of Givenchy’s Fall/Winter 2015 campaign. And he’s serving up all types of “classic man” sexy.

Shot by celebrity photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, the NLFer put his good looks and athletic physique on display in a tailored pinstripe suit thanks to the French fashion house’s artistic director Riccardo Tisci.

In another shot, the Giants superstar styles in a classic black tuxedo toting a black leather Givenchy bag. His suit is accessorized by oversized pins on one side and a “17” pin on the other, paying homage to his uniform number.

GQ credits Riccardo praising the fashion maven as “a perfect mix of charisma, power, elegance and beauty.” No lies told there. Yet another fashion accolade to add to his growing fashion resume, Victor has also modeled in campaigns for GAP, Kith and Mr. Porter.

Check out the behind-the-scenes clip of his photoshoot below:


In TV land….

“black•ish” breakout star Tracee Ellis Ross has the new ABC series to thank for showcasing her comedic talents to a much broader audience. We’ve loved her since “Girlfriends,” and now, with her successful first season run on the comedy series, everyone else is catching up.

The Emmy contender (and one of the most fab chicks in the game) snagged a spot in The Wrap magazine’s Emmy Comedy-Drama Issue. In an interview, the funny YBF actress dishes on all things “black•ish.”

Below are the highlights:

TheWrap: Is there a way in which “Black-ish” feels like a breakthrough for you?
Tracee Ellis Ross: Definitely, a very different group of eyeballs are seeing me. With ABC and the way we’ve been marketed, and the people that we’re reaching it’s a much broader audience than “Girlfriends” had. But mostly I think it’s the show that’s very groundbreaking.

For me, the thing that is the most groundbreaking about the show is that usually, African American families on television are families that happen to be black, and the stories are not told from that perspective. Our show is really about a family that is black, and although the show is not about that, it is told from that perspective. And the fact that it is being so well received across the board and accepted as just an American family is just great.

In sitcoms, the wife often has a fairly limited role. You’re …
The eye-rolling voice of reason?

Right. The wife stands around and rolls her eyes while the husband gets all the laughs. Were you worried about that going in?
No, I wasn’t. Mostly because I know that I’m not that person. I bring myself to my work, especially for television. When you’re on a television show and you’re playing something week by week, I really learned on “Girlfriends” that one of the best ways to go at it is to open that part of yourself that is that role, and just let her rip.

So I wasn’t worried about that. I also have a lot of trust in Kenya Barris, our executive producer and the creator of the show. I had a lot of trust that he didn’t want that either, that he was looking for a really full woman, not some paper-thin sitcom wife. I trusted that he wanted the quirkiness of me, and I’m often good at being the zany lady.

And it’s perfect, because it works so well with Anthony. I’ve heard it said that a successful couple is one where they’re both not crazy at the same time, and that’s really written into the show. We’re both not crazy at the same time, but one of us is always crazy. And by about the fourth episode, you start to realize, oh, Rainbow is just as insane as Dre. They’re perfect for each other.

Check out the rest of the interview here.

In addition to her traditional interview, Tracee participated in her first #selfieinterview, produced in partnership with Verge. And she’s quite comical, per usual. Peep the funnies below:

We SO love her!

Photos: Givenchy’s IG/Jeff Vespa via The WRAP

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