Ciara delivered an energetic but short performance of ‘Level Up’ during the Monday Night Football Genesis Halftime show last night (Seattle Seahawks vs. Minnesota Vikings). She donned a number 3 jersey in honour of her husband Russell Wilson.

Speaking of which… that presenter introducing Ciara as Russell’s favorite girl kind of downplays her achievements. She actually had a whole career before Russell came onto the scene. Let’s not act like she’s some Z-list popstar who steals Janet Jackson‘s image and marries for NFL publicity/gigs. *pauses* Well… some of that might be true but in her prime, she actually dominated the scene. I remember when she debuted, and they were calling her the new Aaliyah. All I’m saying is, she deserves to be known as more than just Russell Wilson’s wife. I guess it doesn’t hurt to say she made NFL history as the first quarterback’s wife to perform for a game.


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