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Christina Milan and Keke Wyatt are heating up the magazine circuit. Come inside to find out what C-Milli said about juggling her hectic schedule and Keke getting candid in a new interview inside….

Christina Milian is pretty busy with a hectic schedule these days. Outside of her reality show “Christina Milian Turned Up,” the singer/actress stars on the FOX series “Grandfathered,” she’s working on rebranding her new wine company Viva Diva Wines, she runs her We Are Pop Culture clothing line AND she’s a mom to her precious daughter Violet.

In the new issue of Canadian magazine GEORGIE, the pop star-turned-actress dishes on how she juggles motherhood and her career (“It’s not stressful”), why she likes to continue to make music (“There are no rules these days”), and how she landed her new role in the upcoming horror remake Rocky Horror Picture Show that she’s currently filming in Toronto.

Below are the highlights:

On juggling her career and motherhood:

“Actually, it’s a lot of fun. It’s not stressful,” she says, with breezy (and convincing) conviction.

“The only thing that I stress out about is, how am I going to make sure that I balance out my time for motherhood? How am I going to make this work? Because my daughter – that time means everything to her and to us. She’s all I got. We could work really hard but we could watch time fly, you know? Tomorrow’s not promised.”

On why she likes to continue to make music:

“I love putting out music and it really doesn’t have to be a giant body of work. There are no rules these days,” she says. “Like, let’s express ourselves! Let’s get creative! There are too many creative people in the world. If you’re creative, you don’t want to be bored. You will do anything to give out your creative flow and eventually, if you believe it, it will become something.”

On how she landed her role in Kenny Ortega’s remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show:

“I guess they couldn’t find a Magenta,” says Milian. “The dancers suggested to him that he should check me out. From there, I got a phone call asking if I would even be interested – I’ve always been a fan of Rocky Horror. After that, it was just talking about getting into this character, but [Ortega] was just really free about it and creative, and I got to come right on-board and start working on it directly. It’s been fun learning my character along the way because I was really hopping from one project to the next.”

When you have coins to hire as much help as you need, the juggle struggle is likely way less stressful. And C-Milli is about her coins!

Peep her edgy black-and-white pictorial:



C-Milli was recently spotted in a carefree zone totally makeup free while grabbing lunch in L.A. recently.

She cleans up well.

In another magazine….

Solful songstress Keke Wyatt gets raw and un-cut in a new interview with Rolling Out magazine. The cover girl, who recently released her 4th studio album titled Rated Love, opens up like she never as before about having low self-esteem, how she uses laughter as a defense mechanism and more.

Below are the highlights:

The laughter can be a defense mechanism. Does that apply to you?

Yes. I get real silly when I’m shy. I get real silly when I don’t know what else to do. I get silly when I’m nervous. But I get way different when I’m pissed or I’m hurt. … The nervous part is when I’m silly, goofy, trying to cover up.

You’re extremely beautiful.

I honestly don’t see that. I see someone who is not who they want to be. I see someone who I don’t know. I’m doing better though. I’m really doing better.

When you look in the mirror, what is it that you see?

Someone who has a really big heart. But nobody can see it because they’re too busy paying attention to what’s on the outside. And I don’t care for what’s on the outside, because I feel like people are looking at me and judging me.

Why don’t you like what you see on the outside?

I don’t know. I honestly don’t know. You have to ask the Lord.

So, do you consider yourself confident?

No, and that’s honest. Can’t find it. I don’t know why. As God is my witness, even with singing I’m just not confident. Like if somebody said. “Keke sing ‘His Eye Is on the Sparrow,’ ” and I’ll sing it. But the whole time I’m wondering, “Ugh, do they hear that?”

I’ve always thought that there’s nothing wrong with being uncomfortable with your gift because that kind of helps you stay humble.

Probably. I think that’s why the Lord allows this shadow over my vision towards myself. I don’t know. Because my mom tells me all the time, “If I looked like you, I would be a mess!” And I’m like, “Yeah, you would be a mess because you’d look like a mess.” And she’s like, “There is no way. You’re absolutely gorgeous. Your body is banging. You sing your behind off.” And I’m just like, “OK.”

Wow. Sometimes celebs are just like us…

Get more of her candid interview over at Rolling Out.

Photos: Neil Mota via Georgie Magazine/Pacific Coast News/Rolling Out

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