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Christina Milian covers LATINA Magazine where she talks about Lil Wayne and their special relationship. Read about it inside and find out about Iggy Azalea’s shocking body transformation (and it’s not her butt).

Christina Milian is LATINA Magazine’s May 2015 cover star and she talks about her body image, critics, daughter Violet and the one issue that’s of most interest to her fans. Sadly, it’s NOT her music…it’s Lil Wayne. While no one speaks about her “alleged” album anymore, we’re still intrigued by this Weezy relationship. Especially because he has yet to say a word about it himself. But Christina has lots to say….while saying she wants to keep it secret. Hmph.

Here are the highlights and more pics:

On her relationship with Lil Wayne: “The deal is he’s my man…crush. I think he’s awesome. He and I have a very special relationship and I think I’ve always been very careful with it publicly because when you have something special it’s like everybody picks apart words. They’ll pick apart a moment in a picture and take something that’s special and trash it.”

On learning from her mistakes: “I’m not afraid to blame myself for any of my own faults or just to analyze things in a different way, but I don’t overanalyze either. I still gotta live life, but being able to look at myself and recognize my own faults makes me the more mature Christina that I am today.”

On being a single mom to daughter Violet Madison: “I’m doing everything in my power to be a great mother. I wish I could be with her throughout the day, because I’m always working, but I make sure that whether it’s the morning or nighttime, I make it extra special.”

On instilling a healthy body image in her daughter: “I want Violet to be proud of every little thing that is her—her hair, her body. We’re all different and from early on I’ve always said she has a very confident personality and I want her to maintain that. I don’t want her to be stuck thinking about the scale or thinking, ‘I gotta have straight hair’ and all of this.”

On her critics: “I’m just in a new place. I’m a grown woman. The haters are definitely wrong if they think I care. I can’t figure you people out. I just want to do me.”

In other news…

In the latest issue of VOGUE, Iggy Azalea (shown above performing at Milks Studios SXSW event last week) talks to the mag during a segment called 73 Questions where she makes a SHOCKING confession. We’ll share….

She confirmed that she got a boob job. Yes…..THAT was her confession. “I did change something: Four months ago, I got bigger boobs! I’d thought about it my entire life.” When asked why she’s making the disclosure now, Iggy said, “I decided I wasn’t into secret-keeping.”

No shade…we would have been more impressed if she would have admitted to having a Brazilian butt lift or a ghost writer. But whatever…honesty isn’t easy.

Watch Iggy answer all 73 of Vogue’s questions…

Photos via Getty/Steven Gomillion/Latina Magazine

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