Christina’s mom Carmen said “the only thing she is focused on right now is the well-being of her daughter and grandchild. “I love them both so much and that is all I care about right now. I want to make sure that I protect my daughter and granddaughter.” had absolutely nothing to say about The Dream and added that, as a rule, she tries stay out of her kids’ romantic endeavors. “I don’t get involved in any of my children’s relationships. What they do is up to them”. She went on to explain that Milian and her family refuse to get caught up in bashing The Dream, as they are more concerned with getting through this difficult time.
Christina and her team have yet to release an official statement and her mom believes that there’s nothing left to say about the situation. “Christina is doing fine and that’s all we want to say for now.”

Christina was photographed earlier in the week still wearing her wedding ring and according to reports, she was completely blindsided by her husband’s apparent affair.

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