Back in September, YouTube star #ChrisSails made an apology to his wife #QueenNaija after he was busted for cheating. That didn’t stop Queen from making a hit song called #Medicine which was kind of like her Lemonade to her husband Chris.

Months later, Chris began getting close to #MyWifeAndKids alumna #ParkerMcKenna. The two received backlash, because to everyone’s knowledge, Chris was still married to his wife whom he shared a budding “Chris & Queen” YouTube empire with along with their son. Parker denied that the two were anything more than friends until they started getting a little more public with their little “friendship.”

Fast forward to this week, Chris confirms that he and Queen are finally divorced and reveals what he believes led to it. Speaking with @VladTv, Chris feels that social media, growing apart and losing his faith in God were the main reasons why his marriage to Queen Naija crumbled.

“We used to be strong believers in God and then once we got access to the things that we actually wanted and the things that we needed, we got that stuff we stopped putting God first,” Chris said. “That’s one of the huge reasons why we actually fell apart and everything started going downhill.”

Chris also went on to talk about how social media took his cheating dilemma to a whole ‘mother level! You guys can watch the full clip below:

TSR STAFF: Talia O. @theclosetratchet on IG

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