Looks like there’s some family drama brewing between former child star Chris Massey and his daughter’s grandmother Shar Jackson. According to reports, Chris is claiming that the “Moesha” actress physically abused his 2-year-old daughter and it left her with a gash across her face.

TMZ reports that Chris was granted a temporary restraining order last week against Shar. He claims he went to pick up his daughter Mariah from a visit with her mom and grandma, and found a 4-inch “razor cut” across her forehead. The toddler reportedly blamed grandma Shar for the cut, and when Chris approached her about it, Shar allegedly said she can “do whatever she wants.”

According to court documents, Shar must now stay at least 50 yards away from 2-year-old Mariah.

TSR STAFF: Myeisha E. @myeisha.essex on IG

Photos: Getty Images: Paul Archuleta and Michael Tullberg

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