R&B singer Chris Brown is in the middle of another criminal investigation.


When Brown was jailed for leaving rehab back in April – on his way to Washington D.C. for his hearing on assault charges, he first made a stop at San Bernardino County Jail. Even though he was only there a day or so, protocol still required he be given an inmate I.D.

According to TMZ, Chris Brown’s attorney, Mark Geragos, caught wind of the auction and has launched a police investigation into how the ID had left the premises in the first place. The Sheriff’s department was able to find the person who stole the ID which the perp says he got it from another friend who got it through someone else.

No official word has been said on how the ID was taken out of police presence and if charges should be actually filed or not.

Today authorities confirmed to TMZ that Chris Brown’s stolen I.D was for sale online for a whopping $10,000.

The stolen identification was traced back to someone living in the San Bernardino area. However, during the suspect’s interrogation he gave fuzzy details about getting it from a friend – who got it from a friend.

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