Chris Brown took to live TV to perform some of his recent singles on the Today Show for a crowd full of screaming fans at The Rockefeller Plaza in NYC.

Matt Lauer and Tamron Hall interviewed Chris but they couldn’t get anything out of him. The show hosts pressed him for info regarding his recent seizure, him saying he would be retiring soon, and his recent negative tweets, however, Chris stayed levelheaded and kept the focus on his music and nothing else.

Check it out:

On His Seizure

I’m good, I’m good, just needed the rest, that’s it.

On His Recent Negative Tweets

“Uh, that’s not my music.”


“What? That’s not the music. You’re struggling with two different worlds?”

Speaker over Lauer, Brown said something about: “…fans.”


You’re lovin’ your fans? I’ve heard you’re leaving the business… Is that rumor or fact?


It’s about the music right now. I’ll continue to work for my fans.


What’s in that heart now that’s pushing the music?


Just my God-given talent. And my fans, you know, all the fans make me who I am, so all the music is for them.

On if he’s really retiring

No, I’m just putting out the music right now. I’m going to continue to work for my fans.

When asked what he was about to perform Chris said:

“oh we gon’ turn up. Blood mode, let’s do it!”

Peep the videos:

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