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Terrence J called up a few of his celeb friends to knock down some pins as he celebrated his birthday. Peep the bowltastic party pics of Chris Brown, LaLa Anthony, Lance Gross and more. Also, the husbands of “The Real” co-hosts took over today’s episode. Check it inside….

“E! News” co-anchor Terrence “J” Jenkins is living life in the fab lane. A few days ago, TJ donated $100,000 to his alma mater North Carolina A&T State University, where he was awarded his very own ‘Terrence J Day.’ And yesterday, the do-gooder had a fun-filled day of knocking down pins at Lucky Strike Hollywood to celebrate his 33rd birthday with a handful of his celeb friends.

R&B singer Chris Brown took some time from his daddy duties to bowl it up with Terrence J and co. for #StrikeNight.

Upcoming Fantastic Four and Creed actor Michael B. Jordan is a super busy man these days as he gears up for the release of his Marvel superhero film and shooting scenes for his Rocky spin-off. But, he made sure to make an appearance and get into the bowling action for TJ’s birthday.

TJ’s good friend LaLa Anthony was also on the scene posing it up with the birthday boy, “The Game” actor Jay Ellis, Michael B. Jordan and friends before hitting the lanes.

TJ’s homie/manager Fred Whit was in the mix.

After attending this year’s Broccoli City Festival in D.C., sexy “Crisis” star Lance Gross jetted to the west coast to celebrate. He was all smiles as he snapped it up alongside the birthday boy and party promoter Miss. Diddy. On the movie front, the new dad is currently filming a new film with LaLa titled, Deuces.

Reality stars Flex & Shanice Anderson and “Hollywood Exes” Shamika Lawrence were in the mix to get their bowl on.

Non-Fiction singer Ne-Yo came out to support.

After a super busy press tour his new film, Brotherly Love actor Quincy Brown was on the party scene in L.A. Michael B. Jordan and Quincy had a friendly rivalry going on to see who would take home the winner’s trophy.

Funnyman Tony Rock and “Glee” actress Amber Riley (above, right) also came out to celebrate with the birthday boy. Fun times!

Happy Birthday Terrence J!

On daytime television…..

The ladies of “The Real” had some fun on the job today. Each of the ladies’ husbands dropped in to take over today’s episode. Tamar Braxton’s husband Vince Herbert, Tamera Mowry Housley’s husband Adam Housley and Jeannie Mai’s husband Freddy Hareis grabbed a seat at the table to dish on their REAL thoughts about the show and to comment on the tea their wives spill about them on the show.

During their “confessions,” Vince revealed he feels that Tamar shares too much, Adam set the record straight that he does NOT wear socks with sandals and Freddy shared he learns a lot about himself while watching the show. Ha!

Next, the guys got candid about the moment they realized they were in love with their significant other.

Vince revealed he fell in love with Tamar one morning after a studio session, which ended with Vince giving Tamar a foot rub. Aww.

Below are the highlights:

Adrienne Bailon: Alright, Vince…

Loni Love: Vince, when did you know?

Adrienne Bailon: [Continued]… when did you know you were in love with Tamar?

Vince Herbert: Umm.

Tamar Braxton: Fast, honey. Very fast!

[The Real audience laughs.]

Vince Herbert: Tamar was cooking for me everyday. She um, made me a cake for my birthday.

Loni Love: So when did you know that you were in love? That’s …

Tamar Braxton: Me?

Loni Love: [Continued]… the question. No, not you. Vince.

Tamar Braxton: Oh, sorry. I thought that was my question.

[Loni Love and The Real audience laughs]

Vince Herbert: I um, when I rubbed your feet that day at the studio.

Tamera Mowry-Housley: Awww.

Tamar Braxton: You did?

Vince Herbert: And I bought you breakfast.

Tamar Braxton: You did!

Vince Herbert: Exactly.

Tamar Braxton: Wait, wait! But not breakfast because he spent the night with me. Wait!

Vince Herbert: No.

Tamar Braxton: Breakfast because we met up early in the morning to go to work…

Vince Herbert: Absolutely.

Tamar Braxton: [Continued]… You have to clarify, Vince!

[The Real hosts laughs.]

Loni Love: And then he rubbed, you rubbed the feet and?

Vince Herbert: Because she walked to the studio and she couldn’t catch a cab. She couldn’t find a cab to stop.

Tamera Mowry-Housley: Aww.

Vince Herbert: So when she got there, I was like you know, you want something to eat? And she told me she walked, so you know what just let me rub your feet and you can just relax for a while.

Tamar Braxton: That’s that whip appeal!

The Real hosts: Awww!

Adrienne Bailon: I love that!

Adam said he fell in love with his wife and mother of his children after about 10 weeks of dating. He said he had a hard time letting his guard down at first because Tamera is an actress and he wasn’t sure if she was being genuine or “playing a role.”

Below are the highlights:

Adam Housley: I’ve never dated an actress before so when I met Tamera, I was like okay she was real. She was genuine. I was like wait, what’s going on here? So it took me a little longer to finally let that guard down…

Adrienne Bailon: Yeah

Adam Housley: [Continued]… So I think probably about maybe eight weeks or so, or ten weeks maybe.

Adrienne Bailon: Really, that quick?

Tamar Braxton: That long?

Adam Housley: Well, she was like right away.

Tamera Mowry Housley: That long…

Tamar Braxton: Ten weeks is a long time to be dating someone.

[Tamera Mowry-Housley laughs.]

Adrienne Bailon: That is so fast.

Adam Housley: No, no, no, no! But we didn’t date all the time though. I mean we were seeing each other a couple times a week, so it wasn’t like we were there every single night. Well, when she found out that I went on another date, she was like “What?” And I’m like, “Oh, she is serious…”

Loni Love: Ooooh.

Tamera Mowry: But to me, I wasn’t dating anyone else…

Adam Housley: But I didn’t know that.

Tamera Mowry-Housley: [Continued] … because I was like oh my gosh, I really like this …read more

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