Spotted R& B singer Chris Brown and his girlfriend Karrueche Tran out shopping in West Hollywood Los Angeles on Sunday.  Karrueche tweeted “Lovely day” and “happiness is key”. But looking at the pics, she doesn’t look happy at all. 


  1. She looks super vex. u cld tell something went wrong shes carrying her own bags like.. I cld understand the lil ones but she struggling with the big one. U c hw many Chris has one so it's obvious smh.

  2. She does look a bit off mood . Also there were pictures of her at another place where Chris was in the front posing for the camera and she was standing at the back with some plastic bag and she looked kinda really upset . Hey maybe thats the way she looks always . But without shade to her she needs to move on. These rumors of Chrianna are going on forever and Chris and she dont seem right imo. In this picture their body language is definately OFF and they are walking quite far away from each other and she is walking way far behind him which only means she wants distance from him, he does nto seem to mind it as well. There could be trouble in paradise (who knows) !!!

  3. You can't fake no more the hoist is up Tran is getting tired of playing the game for Chris Brown PR people she don't fit in and you can't fit a piece that don't go there. So lets face it shes not the one and Chris is starting to see it and so is she they just to let it go and leave as friends before it gets worse you can't make nobody love you if there heart is some where else.

    • shut you don't know nothing, you don't know if the sun was on face, look at chris face smh. Yall believe anything the media say and thats sad. i don't think they would be together if they don't want. They together for a reason, i would get a tattoo of her right if i don't want to be with her.

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