Singer Chris Brown thinks the Ebola Virus is being used to “Control the Population.”


Chris posted his concerns over the spread of the virus on Twitter after a diagnosis of the deadly disease on US soil was branded “deeply concerning” by health officials and sparked fears for the worldwide spread of the killer.

Chris wrote: “I don’t know… But I think this Ebola epidemic is a form of population control.  S*** is getting crazy bruh.” But it seems he was met with hostility for the post – or just felt maybe he had taken things too far – as he swiftly added a second tweet which suggested had been told to keep his opinion to himself by trolls. He added: “Let me shut my black ass up!”

However it appears many are in agreement with the New Flame singer as hundreds of fans replied to show their support for his theory and praising him for voicing their concerns on the social networking site. One wrote: “SOMEONE FAMOUS WHO HAS THE GUTS TO TWEET IT YES!”

Chris Brown is saying that the Ebola virus has been purposefully manufactured and spread in several African countries as a way of reducing populations in the Ebola stricken countries of Liberia, Sierra Leone and more.

Do you AGREE with Chris?

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