“Turn Up The Music” singer Chris Brown is back on his Blonde sh*t again as you can see from the new pics he just posted on his Instagram.

In Rihanna/Chris Brown news, it’s being reported that Breezy became worried when pictures of his ex surfaced of her drowning her sorrows in alcohol, while out in Barbados for her GranGran Dolly’s funeral.

Chris is worried. She’s drinking alone in her room and s–t. That’s definitely not a good look for anybody — especially not for her.”

Chris reportedly — for the first time in a long time — sent her a text a few days ago and told her to “be good and that he had her back.”

When Chris found out that Rihanna was allegedly drinking alone in her hotel room, the source says, “he was like ‘damn, that ain’t good. I want her to be all right. That’s my girl.’”


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