Damn, this has been the longest stint for singer Chris Brown. Yesterday we peeped a stoic faced Chris Brown as he sat in an L.A. courtroom awaiting a judge to set a date for his next probation violation hearing. He looks healthy… looks like he’s eating good. His neck and face is more fuller since the last time we saw him.

He just looks sad, unkempt and maybe a little older than his 25 years. Must suck that he’s going to spend his birthday in jail. He’s done seven weeks so far.

In a matter of week poor Chris went from this to this:

cb 3 weeks

I guess he’s not into the jailhouse hair cuts…

chris bown

I feel sorry for Chris Brown. Just to think when he first hit the scene he was a humble little boy just wanting a shot at fame. Then something happened… Now its gone awry. I’ll keep him in my prayers.

Gumbumpers, what’s your take on this?

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