Chile, #ChrisBosh has been in a custody battle with his baby mama #AllisonMathis for years y’all. The latest development in their custody battle is Chris believes that she is reportedly falsifying documents in an attempt to commit fraud. On the other hand, Allison has accused Chris of breaching the parenting agreement they set in place back in 2014. 

The agreement stated if Chris were to move more than three hours away, then he and Allison would need to come together to discuss a visitation plan for their daughter Trinity. Now that Bosh lives in Los Angeles, the little girl must travel 5 hours each way by plane and Allison argues that the extended travel will affect her studies and overall well-being. 

Allison wants Chris to cough up $67,000 in attorney’s fees, but the NBA player isn’t going down without a fight! According to documents obtained by the @Blast, Chris’ legal team says: “Over the last seven years, the Mother and her counsel have submitted fraudulent or grossly inaccurate billing statements in support of her claim for attorney’s fees.”

He claims that five invoices were submitted and each of them had modifications. Chris believes that there are entries for tasks that were never carried out and hearings that never happened. As well as new time entries and increased time entries from previous bills. 

A judge has yet to rule, but we’ll keep y’all updated! 

TSR STAFF: Talia O. @theclosetratchet on IG


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