R&B Singer, Usher and his girlfriend Grace Miguel were spotted shopping and sightseeing in Panama. Usher posted pics on his Instagram page. He was seen shopping for bracelets he captioned it “Bandz to make her dance” she must be doing a lot of dancing… Hell I would. LMBO!! Y’all know that Usher is hott….

Gumbumpers, your thoughts….

Peep the pics of the couples getaway!

Usher Grace Miguel

6Usher Grace Miguel

5Usher Grace Miguel

4Usher Grace Miguel

Usher,Grace Miguel,Panama

2Usher Grace Miguel

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  1. I get so sick of people down grading Tameka and Grace. Chili is no damn saint, she fucked LA Reid also. She had an abortion and then got pregnant again. Chili is just as old as they are the bitch will be 43. I mean if he were my man I would be in PANAMA with him also. Where else is she suppose to be, that’s her man. People just can’t stand to see Mr. Raymond with anyone but Rozonda Thomas. Just like she still not over him and will say anything in interviews to get sympathy from people! Usher has moved on and so does his female fan base.

  2. He been in this business for a minute..he know about her I’m sure that’s why No public affection he keep her hidden.. He got issues and she the only one who will deal with it cause she a lowlife ..Stupidity can’t be taught.your born that way..He gonna make a hit record of her for sure She know she hanging on by a thread that why she trying to notice..I keep hearing “But she a nice person”nice one are the ones who smile in your face and stabb you in your back..just ask Tameka. He got that same miserable look on his face like had when he was with Tameka..She’ll be gone soon

    • Thats True.. they all say she a nice person..but she ……and blank…her that from one of her friends they said he treat her like staff..no respect..

    • She is to old to be anybody girlfriend. She is his personal doormat/cum box.. She rather chase behind him instead of raise her kids..He is Working on a Movie and she has no life that why she there.. She is Creepy looking.. She has a nasty past as a Wh0e..She scared to leave him cause she no he will cheat even though he cheats anyway.. She wear that yellow dress to death..She is a sneaky B I heard all about her out her in Brooklyn.. In her dirty dogging with Kanye and L.A. Reid.. I hope Usher is smart and get rid of soon cause she turning him into a joke

      • I heard about her to from Def Jam her name Michelle..She use to be kinda fat.. She is wierd looking and old..I doubt that cooch is holding him down..he dealt with some chick I know he be flying out to LA ,ATL all over she is door mat..she only good.for a lay

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