Sanya Richards-Ross had to make a damn near life and death decision when it came to the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The Jamaican-American runner revealed in her new memoir, “Chasing Grace: What the Quarter Mile Has Taught Me About God and Life” that she got an abortion the day before she flew to Beijing to compete in the Olympics!

“The culmination of a lifetime of work was right before me,” the 32-year-old athlete wrote. “In that moment, it seemed like no choice at all. The debate of when life begins swirled through my head, and the veil of a child out of wedlock at the prime of my career seemed unbearable.”

She continued, “What would my sponsors, my family, my church, and my fans think of me?”

Sanya ended up taking home the gold medal in the 4 x 400m relay but admits the decision still weighs heavily on her mind, according to TMZ.

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