I knew this was going to be coming soon…because they didn’t want him there in the first place.


Chicago’s rapper Chief Keef, whose real name is Keith Cozart, has being evicted from his Highland Park home this morning, according to officers with the Lake County Sheriff’s office. 

Officers with the sheriff’s department searched the housing today. The owner of the home, Bal K. Bansal, denied he was evicting Cozart and said he’d been a good tenant.

“This is mutual,” Bansal said. “It is not an eviction.

But officers on the scene confirmed Cozart was being evicted. At a May 7 court hearing, an order for forcible entry and detainer was filed — the culmination of an eviction process that began back in February. By March, Cozart had fallen behind on rent payments by about $30,000 before reaching an agreement to pay the full amount by April 20, according to court documents. 

Some of Cozart’s neighbors disagreed that he had been a good tenant. 

“It’s been horrible,” said neighbor Ken Cooper, who said he thought he heard gunshots from the home one night. “… They were certainly not good tenants.”

From what we were told, neighbors have always complained about noise and frequent car traffic in and out of Cozart’s driveway.


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