CHICAGO —A South Side family says armed Chicago police officers busted down their door while executing a warrant on the wrong apartment.

It was just after midnight Thursday when Dominique Redmond and Mickey Starks heard a loud BOOM BOOM BOOM in their unit. Within seconds, roughly six Chicago police officers busted down the front door and forced the couple to the floor with guns drawn.

All three of the couple’s children — ages 3, 9 and 12 — were screaming.

After police turned over couch cushions and damaged a chair leg, one of the officers informed his sergeant that they had the wrong building. Officers were at 1225, but looking for 1217.

“It appears officers made entry into the wrong apartment,” Officer Michelle Tannehill,  a Chicago police spokeswoman, said in a statement. “CPD deeply regrets the error, and we have begun the claims process with the city to repair any damage.”

According to Redmond and Starks, police told the couple they got the wrong address because the building’s front door was open and officers couldn’t see the building’s numbers.

Unless propped open, that door shuts on its own.

“They didn’t say ‘search warrant.’ They didn’t say ‘police.’ They didn’t say anything,” Redmond said. “They just came straight in, guns in our face, and they told us to get on the ground and they handcuffed us.”

“Somebody could have got shot they way they came in,” Starks said.

“He could have got shot. I could have got shot. My kids could have got shot,” Redmond added.

The couple said they’ve filed a complaint — and want to know why an initial claims notification was changed hours later to include the words “announced a search warrant.” Redmond and Starks said police did no such thing.

A landlord is fixing the apartment door.


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