Warning: Video footage in this story contains profanity.

A Chicago police officer has been suspended for five days after throwing a cup of coffee at a motorcyclist on the city’s Near North Side.

Officer Robert Markvart accepted the suspension, authorities said Saturday, following an investigation after video of the incident was posted to YouTube and Facebook on Jan. 22.

The incident occurred near the intersection of Hubbard and State Streets on Jan. 20, according to police. The video, captured via a GoPro-style camera atop a helmet, shows several motorcyclists traveling eastbound on Hubbard St. The rider at the front pops a wheelie, as around a dozen more motorcyclists follow behind.

As the group approaches the intersection, the rider wearing the camera lifts his left hand and exchanges indiscernible words with a uniformed Chicago police officer standing in the street. The officer then tosses a disposable cup of coffee at the rider, appearing to strike him in some fashion, as liquid begins to run down the camera lens.

“I got you on camera, bro!” the rider exclaims in the video, before uttering several expletives as the group turns south on State St. The video garnered nearly more than 46,000 views on YouTube by Saturday, and more than 115,000 views on the Chicago United Riders Facebook page where it was shared more than 800 times.

“We are aware of the video you are referencing,” Chicago police said Monday via email. “An investigation has begun to determine the authenticity of the video, as well as identity of the officer involved, if authenticated.”

“I was shown that video a little while ago, and I’ll tell you – there’s nothing I can say to defend actions like that,” Chicago police Supt. Eddie Johnson said when asked about the incident at a news conference Monday. “We expect every officer to be professional, treat people fairly and responsibly.”

“When it comes down to it, that officer will be held accountable and be disciplined appropriately,” he added.

Officer Markvart is an 18-year veteran of the force, according to police, who declined to release any further information on the suspension, including if it was with or without pay.

Published at 2:59 PM CST on Jan 28, 2017 | Updated at 8:17 PM CST on Jan 28, 2017


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