A Chicago woman bit off her boyfriends finger during a fight Friday (Oct. 26). The unidentified woman was being choked by her boyfriend, 37-year-old, Jerry Stevenson, and she took measures in her own hands.

Fearing for her life, the woman ran from the house, according to court records. But Stevenson, 37, caught up to the woman, wrapping his hands around her throat and choking her, prosecutors said.

When the woman realized one of Stevenson’s fingers was inside her mouth, she bit down hard and severed it, prosecutors said. Stevenson was taken to St. Anthony’s Hospital, where doctors were able to reattach his finger, according to prosecutors.

Stevenson being a known gang member in the area, and a registered sex offender, Stevenson appeared in Cook County Bond Court Sunday (Oct .28), with a bandage covering his injured hand. He was ordered by Judge Maria Kuriakos-Cecil to be held on $250,000 bail.

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