Take a road trip to my hometown Chicago, where you can now drive down Oprah Winfrey Way. On Wednesday, the ex mayor of Chicago, Richard M. Daley changed the name of the 100 block of North Carpenter Ave. HARPO studios now sits on Oprah Winfrey Way. During the fab ceremony, she said, “That’s better than an Oscar or an Emmy.”

“It is really just a full-circle miracle story that a little colored girl born in Kosciusko, Mississippi, on a red dirt road ends up with my name on a street in the greatest city in the world, Chicago. So, thank you. I just would like to say, `thank you’ to the mayor and also to the city of Chicago for embracing me and allowing me to take a stand and make a stand here in this city. This place is my Tara. Scarlett O’Hara should have known about Chicago.

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