• Ramtin Sabet said he was fired from the North Chicago Police Department for complaining about anti-Muslim comments
  • He claims his colleagues would joke he was part of ISIS and was a terrorist 
  • Sabet is being represented by the Chicago chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations 
  • The North Chicago Police Department claims he was fired for breaking rules

Kaileen Gaul For Dailymail.com

A police officer who was fired from the North Chicago Police Department is suing his former employer, claiming he was let go because he complained about anti-Muslim comments.

Ramtin Sabet, an Iranian immigrant, was let go in February and is suing the department and city.

He claims they failed to take action when he complained his colleagues would call him things such as an ‘ISIS leader’ or a ‘terrorist’ and joked that he ‘trained with Al Qaeda.’

Ramtin Sabet is suing the North Chicago Police Department and the city claiming he was fired because he complained about anti-Muslim comments

Sabet worked as a police officer for 15 years before his termination, 10 of those years were with North Chicago.

He initially filed an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaint in 2012 about the harassment. He said in the complaint officers made fun of his religion, culture, food and joked that he road a goat or camel to work.

Sabet told the Chicago Tribune: ‘It was like I was being hazed all the time.’

He filed a second complaint in November 2016 and was granted the right to sue this time.  He was placed on administrative leave the same month.

In 2015 and 2016 Sabet was reported for allegedly making anti-Semitic comments, which he denies.

The North Chicago Police Department say Sabet was fired for violating 'rules and regulations'

The North Chicago Police Department say Sabet was fired for violating ‘rules and regulations’

He claims in the meeting he was threatened with ‘possibly termination’ which the department denies. 

Police Chief Richard Wilson told the Tribune in a statement: ‘Officer Sabet was terminated for violations of police department rules and regulations.’

‘He has challenged that determination. The city plans to vigorously defend its decision.’

The Chicago chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations is representing Sabet.  

Sabet was hired at another law enforcement agency but said he had to take a pay cut.  

Hoda Katebi, the communications coordinator of CAIR Chicago told ABC 7 Chicago: ‘This sort of hateful, toxic climate and culture is not unique to city of North Chicago Police Department. It will not be ignored. It will not be tolerated.’ 


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