The Chicago Bulls will be picking 16th in this year’s NBA Draft. They will be looking for a guy who they can bring in that will grow with the other young players on the team, but who can also contribute immediately.

The Bulls are in NBA purgatory. They’re not good enough to compete for a title, but they’re also not bad enough to go into full rebuild mode. The player they select in this year’s draft could show us what direction the Bulls are headed in. Here’s my top three choices for the organization at 16:


1. Tyler Dorsey

I don’t care where the “experts” have him ranked. I don’t really care that he hasn’t been talked about much. What I do care about is toughness, intelligence, and skill. Dorsey has all of these things and that is why I’m calling him this year’s Malcolm Brogdon.

Dorsey has shown throughout his college career that he is a winner. He and his fellow Oregon Ducks have done nothing but win these past two years and they did it on grit and determination. Dorsey led the charge in this year’s NCAA tournament run and was the main reason the team was able to overcome the injury to their center, Chris Boucher.

In multiple games, he put the team on his back and showed that he could step up in the biggest moments. On top of that, he’s got a ton of great attributes. He’s got good size for shooting guard, has good play making ability, and can shoot lights out. Oh yeah… he also locks up on defense. Whoever gets this guy will have found a gem.

2. Justin Jackson

I don’t like him nearly as much as Dorsey, but what I think is a good comparison for him in the NBA is Otto Porter. They’re both long, solid shooters who are big time team players. Jackson has proven, like Otto did at Georgetown, that he can hit big shots, but is a much more natural fit as a top level role player.

Jackson, like Dorsey, defends at an elite level (see a trend here?). He can use his length against smaller players to contest shots and make up ground when he is beat off the dribble. He needs to get stronger in the NBA, but I think Jackson will be a solid third or fourth best player on a quality NBA team in the future.


3. Bam Adebayo

The league is trending towards a game where centers no longer post up. Instead, centers are expected to play well defensively and offensively in the pick and roll. They’re importance is felt on offensive rebounding and defending the paint. Considering this, Bam is a perfect fit.

Bam is very mobile for a big and can finish at the basket as good as anyone in the country. If he develops a solid jump shot, he could be a menace in the pick and roll. He’s listed at only 6’10 so he’s a tiny bit undersized, but I think his athleticism and foot speed will make up the difference.



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