A Chicago bar located in River North has released a controversial dress code policy that has everyone talking.

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The Bottle Blonde, a beer and pizza garden located in the River North neighborhood of Chicago has released a policy that has many wondering just exactly who it is they’re looking to keep away. The bar released a very lengthy dress code policy that bans patrons who are wearing Jordans, Air Force Ones or plain white t-shirts to name a few.

The 10, 000 sq. foot venue with a capacity of 500 describes itself as a “casual neighborhood concept of restaurant and nightlife. But the dress code is just the opposite. It’s policy reads the following:

“Bottled Blonde will maintain a classy atmosphere and reserves the right to refuse anyone,” the code states. “A high standard of dress is required at all times. Dress code is on a case-by-case basis, and is at the sole discretion of the door staff. In all instances, the door staff’s decision is final. If denied entry, changing your appearance will not change the decision.”

You can see part of the lengthy dress code policy below:

-No bad attitudes or behavior
-No baggie, sagging, ripped, dirty, frayed, overly flashy or bright clothing
-No Hawaiian, tie dye, floral, skull prints or anything else obnoxious (What is their definition of obnoxious?)
-No embellishments, statement jackets, shirts, beanies or hats
-No plain white tees, long tees, denim, flannel, or zippered shirts
-No cut off shirts, deep v-necks, undershirts or mesh shirts. And no tank tops after 6 p.m.
-No overalls, cargo, bleached, acid wash, odd colored or leather pants.
-No joggers, manpris, drop crotch pants or multi-zippered pants
-No Jordans, Nike Air Max, or Air Force Ones
-No male jewelry and no visible tattoos on neck, face or hands

Over the years, the River North neighborhood has heard several complaints, mostly from patrons of color, who have been denied entry because of either strict dress codes or being denied for other miscellaneous unjustifiable reasons. The Bottled Blonde appears to be no different.

Even more confusing is this post on their Facebook page that clearly seems to go against the dress code of the venue. And from the looks of the comments, people are calling out the venue’s contradiction and rightfully so.


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