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There are very few women in the rap game today that are making noise. We know there’s Nicki Minaj who’s making the most noise right now. But, we also have a few under-ground artists that are on the rise and have been grinding it out for a long while. Well today we here at GumBumper are bumping our gums with Chicago’s very own female MC “Chella H.”  Soon to be dropping a highly-anticipated project entitled “Realest B@#ch” on Tuesday, April 16, 2013MC “Chella H has been in the game for years, paying dues like most she’s worked with fellow rappers: Zaytoven, Gaggie Beatz, Bo Deal, Lil Durk, King Louie and many more. MC “Chella H” has her own independent record label ‘Camp GoldiLoux/Mermaid Mafia‘ which she is signed  to along with her 1st artist Pretty Aveena
Gumbumpers,  peep our interview with this female MC and tell us your thoughts….


Gumbumper: There are few female rappers, tell us how long you been in the game and how did you get started?

I was born in the game, I came out shooting.

Gumbumper: Which male or female rappers are you compared to most?
Chella H:

hmmm I don’t know. Nobody comparing me to nobody and I think its cause my story is different from your average female rapper. I’m very interesting.

Gumbumper: Which 3 female rappers have had the biggest influence on you?

Some female rappers influenced me in different ways, some I love, others influenced me to get on top of my shit so I never end up like them, some are very bitter due to lack of success and it shows.

Gumbumper: There are so many styles of hip-hop/ rap, who are some of the people that influenced you?

Really I wasn’t influenced by people more by my past due bills and the need to get money legally.

Gumbumper: How do you juggle your career with your family, social and romantic life?

Omg! That’s the hardest part, I am amother first and its not easy raising a son as a single mom especially while trying to keep him alive and out of trouble in the streets of Chicago, keeping him separated from what I do a’int easy but I’ve managed to get on the right road. He understands I am an entertainer, we have a great relationship, he knows our story, struggle and my job. I’m doing what I know how to make it so he good, as far as my man he good too, he a little older however; he not familiar with social sites so he straight ,sometimes I neglect him but I make up for it in bed.

GumBumper: The gun violence is Chicago is rising, what do you think that we can do to curb the violence?

hmmm I think some of the violence can be decreased if we find some alternate things for the youth to do to stay busy. Kids can stay busy by doing things such as get money by working summer jobs and more community centers. As a matter a fact New Beginnings church on 66th & King Drive is in the process of trying to build a center, which would be a plus for that community. We need more influential people that had time to step in that would be a plus. I wish someone would do a peace treaty but it will take the right people to put it together, somebody well respected with some money, I don’t know, hopefully I can do it soon when i get straight.

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 If you want to check out Chella’s music and more you can find her at the follow sites

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You can download her mix tape here:

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