Chad Johnson must be in love, he posted a picture via twitter of a face portrait of soon to be? ex wife Evelyn Lozada on his leg, with “Eve” written underneath it.

What do you think?

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  1. I dont condone men hitting woman but Evelyn deserve everything she gets and got…I beleive both of them are at fault for what happened Evelyn as seen on tv does not know how to fall in the corner pocket she is not lady like what so ever and I beleive she got all up in his face and he went there with her….I do think he is dumb as a box of rocks for getting her face tattooed on his leg that was just plain stupid…they deserve each other….

  2. He is losing it, and any dumb woman who messes with a man with a tattoo of another womans face is a certified idiot..but watch the women line up to be with him..especially the white women!

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