Celina Powell, who is also known as the Black Widow was busted by bounty hunters Saturday night as she was pulling up to attend an event at a hookah lounge.

According to TMZ, Powell was taken into custody late Saturday night in Aurora, Colorado, where she was scheduled to host an event at a local hookah lounge called Hubbly Bubbly Brewery. Law enforcement sources revealed that the bounty hunters staked out in the parking lot of the venue after she posted online that she would be there. Once she showed up that’s when they were able to handcuff her.

Powell reportedly has upwards of $61,000 worth of outstanding bonds in her name, in and around the area, which ranges from traffic violations, shoplifting and evading police. She was turned over to the Aurora Police Department a little past midnight Sunday. She’s still in custody and set to appear in court on Monday.

The Black Widow’s arrest was captured on camera where William Ellenburg, one of the bounty hunters, who’s a white male was heard using the n-word a few times while trying to justify he’s not a racist.

He told the site that Powell had accused him of using racial comments about his partner who is black. According to TMZ, he said “he used the n-word to prove he hadn’t said anything offensive … and, apparently, to prove he was cool with black people.”

As many of you may know, Powell is known for accusing multiple male celebrities of cheating.


Check out the video below:


Source: https://www.tmz.com/2018/12/30/rap-groupie-celina-powell-arrested-bounty-hunters-warrants-n-word/

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