I’m often asked how long it takes me to get ready for a glam Hollywood event such as tonight’s Golden Globes. Well, Rome — nor my 3-foot-high fascinator — wasn’t built in a day, so fabulosity does take time. And because I’ve changed my skin care regimen, I started prepping for this evening’s shebang on Friday.

You see, I’ve taken up the 15-step program that’s making the rounds of beauty pros and celebs — cleansing oil, cleansing foam, exfoliator, toner, ampoule, mask, serum, anti-gravity boots, chin sling, sensory deprivation tank, moisturizer, eye cream, lobe cream, morning dew mist and sunscreen. It’s exhausting, but I took little naps while they sewed me into my gown. (One doesn’t zip up 50 lbs. of taffeta, you know.)

I just have to remain perfectly still until the show starts, which gives me lots of time to share the ghastliness spotted during a recent red-carpet stakeout.

Let me tuck into this Golden Delicious, and I’ll file my report:


1 ½ oz. Goldschlager
Fill with sparkling apple cider
Mix ingredients in a highball glass.

– drinknation.com



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