Photo’s hit the internet yesterday of The Dream Boo’d up with his assistant in the Caribbean.  Hours later, The Dream announced that he and Christina Milian had parted ways.

 Peep some reactions from Brandy Norwood, Niecey Nash, Vivica Fox, Lance Gross and more below:


Brandy Norwood
“I would just say to Christina that nobody is here to make you complete but yourself. Of course, we are all here to experience love and all of that good stuff. Your strength is within. Just tap into it and you can overcome anything. Take it from somebody that’s been through so much sh*t in life. You can overcome anything with the power of God because God lives within you. So Keep your head up girl. Come out and kill em’!
Actress Elise Neal
Some friends close to their circle had kind of told me that unfortunately they were having problems. I don’t know anything or haven’t seen any pictures so I don’t know what craziness came out but I did hear that they had been having problems and I’m not surprised to hear that they are separated.
Actor Lance Gross
Some relationships don’t work out. I know first hand but it’s a new day and time. Our generation is different from our parents. Like my parents have been together for 43 years and whatever they have, I’m searching for. My heart goes out to them. Both of them and the baby.
Actress Vivica Fox
I just say if things don’t work out, Keep things peaceful. They have a child. And keep it moving! Life goes on!
Niecey Nash
Christina Girl!!! Whatever you do, go on the break up diet. You lay in bed for 3 days and your girlfriends put a cold towel on your head. Then you get up and you get all up in your baby girls neck *makes kissing noises* Get some of that real good. Pray! Then after that “lift and lean”. Don’t give up on love, whatever you do.
NBA star Amar’e Stoudemire
I mean obviously when a baby is involved you have to try to stick it out. What’s most important is taking care of that seed. Again you never know what the situation is. She’s beautiful in person, she should be able to find a good man. There is a lot of us out there.
Michael Strahan
We just hope that everyone respects their privacy and what they are going through because regardless of the celebrity, when you are in the house you are a person. They have to deal with a child and I hope they both get through it as smooth as they can for the child and don’t have any mess because if you get angry and lash out at one another, when that child grows up the internet never goes anywhere. They always have to look at that and you’ll have to explain to your child why you said something that you’ll probably regret when they do ask you.



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