Kim Kardashian tweeted to her fans on July 18 about staying positive in life

“Keep your life in a positive perspective,We are not defined by our pasts.”

Her ex-Ray J thought it was a joke and tweeted back

“Lol RT @KimKardashian.”

I’m guessin Ray J thinks it’s hypocritical cuz Kim wants to pretend like their infamous sex tape never happened. Kim rarely wants to talk about the intimate video that leaked in 2003. Keep in mind, it’s what made Kimmy a household name!


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  1. First of all Kim Kardashain is just pure trash .. plain and simple,, she a big ole fake liar..walking aroung all non-chalant with that fake butt like its real..she only dates blk men WHY? ,especially since her race is suppose to be so "family oriented" and that picture of that soul food she so called fixed for Kanye.. rotf… that beige dressing was stove top for real.. anybody can tweet a picture of food.Show me a pic of Kanye eating your cooked food.

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