Justin Bieber seems to be spiraling out of control. He is in the news er’week on some silly shyt. Tati Neves who is said to be a prostitute over in Rio de Janeiro filmed Justin Bieber while he laid asleep on a bed. This happened days after he was spotted leaving a Rio de Janeiro brothel.

bieber neves

The 15-second video shows the Biebs knocked out with his signature flat brim baseball hat next to him. The woman, whose name is allegedly Tati Neves, also turns the camera on herself, giving a smile before she turns it back toward Bieber.

This is the latest scandal in a long list of hiccups for the pop star. His troubles begin in Panama City when he was accused of sleeping with a Panamanian Prostitute.

Don’t know if Bieber know this but, falling dead out in a room with a side piece is dangerous. Given who he is and his celebrity status it could have been much worse. Wake UP Bieb!!!

Here are pics of Tati:





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